For women size 16+,men size XL+, & larger Teens, living in Spain

A Footwear guide for the Plus Size Woman

For a long time big shoes have been the antithesis of fashionable design. Ladies who require larger shoes have found them to be practical but clunky and often the size of small boats. Shoe designers and manufacturers have for too long neglected plus sized women with larger feet, leaving them without stylish alternatives in which to house their little piggys.

The tide is now turning though. An insurgence of quirky independent designers have begun to re-imagine larger footwear and realise that trainers don`t have to be a bland imitation of a gym teacher and elegance can be found for women of all sizes who are looking for a Cinderella slipper.

There is a reason why women love shoes: because they are cool and sexy. Plus sized women with larger feet may feel they must select the most inconspicuous type of footwear to conceal their feet. This is not necessary! Bright, bold colours are really on-trend, especially when combined with funky designs that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Choosing shoes in a neutral base colour such as black, white or grey with hints and accents of neon flashes, will hint at your inner goddess, regardless of the size of your feet. Clashing bright colours are very hot right now and can help pick out accents elsewhere in your outfit.

The increasingly popular skate shoe that has emerged from American skate parks is the perfect kind of casual footwear thanks to their predisposition for a wide and chunky design. The rounded shape of the toe combined with heavy-duty suede and rubber design make this shoe appear curvaceous and as a result, helps to balance out proportions throughout the body.

The sturdy design and thick, durable materials combined with high tops are not for the most feminine of ladies but will definitely help balance out one`s overall dimensions.

A durable but versatile boot is perfect for more adventurous outdoor activities. Insulating fleece lining, air pockets and full tongue gussets to keep any rain out are very important design elements to look for. Boots should also have modern technology which allows your feet to breathe with adequate ventilation. You want to make sure your feet are protected both in terms of durability and comfort.

Whether you need smart footwear, hiking boots, or DC skate shoes always ensure that shoes have a good fit and protect your feet. Don`t be scared to make a style statement. If people want something to talk about, why not give them something brilliant from a brand new designer and lead the way fashionably?